Mexico Car Insurance

In 2007 the Mexico insurance market peaked at about 90 Million dollars. It dipped to about 57 million in 2011, but has growing steadily for the last several years. Last year, it hit nearly 70 million and has continued to climb throughout 2016. The Mexico Insurance market is healthy and growing.

Our carrier partners, are strong and healthy. according to the latest AMIS statistics (the most recent that we have), our carriers are doing well. Below is a brief Sketch of their current situation:

  • GNP is number 3 in market share with a 15% of the market.
  • ABA Seguros is number 8 in market share with a 4% of the market.
  • El Aguila is number 10 in market share with a 2% of the market.

Our newcomer El Aguila is doing well. Their program has proved very successful, they have insured over 13,000 vehicles since they have started with us. They have handled a number of different claims, and while claims are never fun, we are impressed with their service. If you have not taken a look at the program recently, please do they do a great job. You can take a look at each of our programs and what they have to offer in their most popular packages with the links below.

For marketing ideas, check out some of the ideas that we have put together. If you have a better idea, or something that is working in your area, let us know about it!