Consumer & Coverage FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions from Consumers about Coverage

Q: Why am I only receiving Liability Only quotes? I want to insure the vehicle for full coverage.

A: There are three common reasons as to why Liability Only coverage is all the vehicle may be eligible for. The first reason is due to the age of the vehicle, any vehicle older than 20 years is ineligible for physical damage coverage in Mexico. The second reason will be the value of the vehicle. You will notice that our values for vehicles only go as low as $3,000, because anything lower would be only eligible for “Liability Only”. The final common reason will be the coverage the vehicle has in the United States or Canada. The vehicle must carry collision and theft in the United States or Canada in order for the vehicle to be eligible for collision and theft in Mexico.

Q: I have an insured who wants to travel to Mexico for six months or more. Does he need to maintain insurance coverage in their home country?

A: The definition of a “tourist auto” eligible for our programs is an automobile which is registered in any country EXCEPT Mexico. In the United States most states require that the vehicle maintain registration, and you must have at minimum liability insurance for the vehicle. Please double check with your state’s DMV to confirm the requirements to maintain current registration. We do not insure non-registered vehicles.

Q: My insured is traveling for six months or more, but is only maintaining liability coverage. Can they still get physical damage and theft coverage while in Mexico?

A: Yes. During the quoting process, a vehicle with only liability coverage in the USA or Canada, but which will spend more than 180 days in Mexico may be eligible for an extended coverage policy. The vehicle must still meet the remaining underwriting requirements to be eligible. By answering “yes” to the question regarding the vehicle spending more than 180 days in Mexico, a surcharge will be applied and the requirement of collision and theft coverage in their country of origin is waived.

Q: What happens if we have an accident in Mexico? What do we do? How do we follow up?

A: If you have an accident in Mexico, immediately call the toll-free number included in the claims instructions page which is part of your policy. YOU MUST REPORT ALL CLAIMS WHILE IN MEXICO AND OBTAIN A COPY OF THE ADJUSTOR’S REPORTS BEFORE LEAVING MEXICO. The insurance company’s adjusters will respond immediately to the scene and provide further instructions based on your specific situation.

Please visit under “Agent Resources” to review all applicable coverage, claims instructions, and disclosure forms.

Q: A client had trouble printing a policy, or needs to buy another policy, or did not receive a confirmation email?

A: When someone purchases a policy from us, we email the following items: a receipt, the declaration page, the terms and conditions of the policy, and a link with a user ID and Password that allows one to retrieve these items.

By following this link a customer may log back into the site to perform the following functions with the username and password we emailed upon purchase:

  • Download and reprint a policy
  • Request a new policy from previously issued policy information

If a customer has not received a confirmation email, you can retrieve the purchased policy and re-email or print it off for the insured. If you are still experiencing problems, please contact us.

Q: Why is the coverage I requested not available from certain insurance companies?

A: Different insurance companies have various rules and “appetites” for certain risks. To learn why coverage is not available from certain insurance companies, please click on the red X corresponding to the insurance companies quote on our QUOTE RESULTS PAGE.

Q: What are the extended packages?

A: The extended coverage packages are available from each of our carriers. Each package is similar, but has unique coverage options that can be compared side by side once logged into the portal. On the “Quote Results” page, you can always click on any of the green checkmarks to get more details on the extent of the coverage. You may also review the Producer Cheat Sheet under the “Agent Resources” tab for more details. These packages offer significantly better coverage than the standard coverage option.

Q: How do I know the insurance I am buying is from reputable companies?

A: All of the carriers we represent have vast experience in the Mexico Tourist Auto business. All of our carriers maintain an A- or better rating from AM Best as well. ABA Seguros is owned by Chubb, El Aguila is owned by Great American, and GNP is the third largest auto insurance carrier in Mexico writing over $ 1 Billion in premiums each year. To review information on the specific insurance companies, please click on the links below.

Q: What is MexVisit?

A: MexVisit is our exclusive branded Travel Assistance product, not available from any other agent or insurance company. MexVisit is available as an option on all policies… other distributors may sell for the same insurance companies, but NONE match our level of coverage or service. Learn more about MexVisit.

Q: What is the Fixed Deductible option?

A: One of the biggest complaints we have had over the years arises from the Mexican Insurance Industry’s use of percentage deductibles. Typically, Mexico Insurance purchasers have had to absorb deductibles of 2% of the vehicle value for collision claims and 5% of the vehicle value for Theft claims.

Many US and Canadian lenders / lienholders / leasing companies require that deductibles be fixed at $ 500 for collision and $ 1000 for theft, and further require that you purchase our fixed deductible option combined with at least $100,000 in liability coverage. By choosing the fixed deductible option on our QUOTE REQUEST PAGE, you can be assured that you will not be surprised by unexpectedly large deductibles in the event of a loss.

Q: My customer has questions about the application fields?

A: As a customer completes our applications, a question arising about a specific field can be addressed by clicking on the “i” button to the right of each field. This will open a window with details regarding particular application field inputs.

Q: : I am interested in reviewing the insurance company’s actual coverage contract.

A: Please visit “Agent Resources” to review all applicable coverage, claims, and disclosure forms.