5 Marketing Ideas for Mexico Auto Insurance

Mexico Insurance sales are up significantly in the past several years...are you capitalizing?

We have 5 ideas on how to market Mexico insurance in ways that will allow you to grow and do as little work as possible; always a good thing. Before we get into specifics one common trait of those that do well with this product is that their customers know that they offer the product. So to that end, here are 5 ideas for marketing Mexico insurance.

Tell your customers about your Mexico Insurance when you sell a domestic auto policy - Include Mexico insurance on your auto coverage checklist/review page. Many agents use a review page to go over coverage options and limits that customers have selected and use it as an opportunity to ensure they, and the client, are on the same page in terms of what is being purchased. The wise ones also use it for cross selling purposes. Including a question about Mexico insurance can cover you in the case of an E&O claim as Mexico is not included in the territory, but can also provide a great cross selling tool. Simply ask the question “Do you ever drive to Mexico?” If the client says yes, Sell’em a policy or at least let them you can sell them a policy. If not, tell them great, because this policy doesn’t cover that. If you do decide to drive to Mexico, we sell it.

Renewal Letters -Are you sending out renewal letters to your clients? Many agents allow the companies to do it and don’t get involved. But many add an additional letter to ensure their clients know they care. If you do that, drop in a business sized announcement that says, “We sell Mexico insurance.” You might be surprised at the response you get.

Newsletter - Do you send a newsletter to your clients? If not you should. Companies like constant contact or others make it really easy to do so. If you do, add a link or a banner to your E-news that says “If you drive to Mexico buy a Mexico insurance policy from us right now!”

To obtain this link, log in to the producer and you will see in the menu something that says, “Links for your website.” Click on it and see many of the banners we have with the HTML code that makes it easy to paste into your newsletter.

Internet Sales - Do you have a website? Do you offer Mexico insurance from the website? If not, now is the time to add it. Again, after logging in to the producer area you will see in the menu something that says, “Links for your website.” Click on it and see many of the banners we have with the HTML code that makes it easy to put on your website. Seriously this is money while you sleep type of stuff. Residual income you are doing nothing for.

Office Material - Do you have a poster, rack cards or other free material we provide? If not get it out on the desk. People get bored while they wait to make their payment, they will look at your flyers. Include information about Mexico Insurance!  Plant the seed today.

This may seem like a lot of work for an ancillary product; however, when you consider the client can purchase on their own online it means one thing: If you market it, you can make money while you sleep. For other great Marketing ideas, contact us today at 844-273-5527, toll free. If you are not signed up to sell, you can be selling in less than 10 minutes with our online sign up process. Sign up now to get started today.