Travel Restrictions - COVID-19

The U.S. Government and Mexican Authorities are working together at the border.

How does this impact Mexico Insurance Online Customers?

Here at MIO, we have several customer demographics; from those who travel to Mexico for vacations and recreation, to those who live part time or full time in Mexico, and those who cross the border on a very frequent basis for business, jobs, medical needs, or to attend to urgent family matters. We share your concerns and anxieties regarding the impacts of COVID-19.

On Friday, March 20th, the US and Mexico released a joint initiative that seeks to limit non-essential travel between the countries via land ports of entry. What does this mean for you? See our Q&As below which are intended to summarize the available facts for how cross-border travel is impacted by the US/Mexico Joint Initiative which took effect on Friday, March 20th.

What questions should I expect from my customers?

For what reasons can I travel to Mexico now that the initiative is in place?

If you are a tourist or traveler, land travel for tourism or recreation is off the table. Both governments intend to temporarily stop any new cross-border traffic for the purposes of tourism or recreation. The definition of Non-Essential travel includes "travel that is considered tourism or recreational in nature”.

Travel for other purposes, such as obtaining medical care, going to a business meeting, commuting cross-border to and from jobs in the USA or Mexico, and attending to urgent family matters, is not excluded by the initiative.

If I am a US Citizen, or Green Card Holder, or hold a USA Work Visa will I be processed as normal upon entry to the USA?

Yes. If you hold one of these documents, and you are in Mexico and cross to the USA, you will be processed as you normally would.

If I am a Mexican Citizen with a Tourist Visa, but not a Green Card, will I be processed as normal upon entry to the USA?

No. If you are a Mexican Citizen with a USA Tourist Visa (but not a Green Card holder nor Work Visa holder), you may be denied entry, depending upon the purpose of your visit to the USA.

How long will the initiative last?

The initiative limiting land travel for the purposes of tourism and recreation is valid until April 20, unless modified/extended, or lifted sooner. For more information, please see the links below: