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Every time a major storm looks like it’s going to wallop Mexico; we get a surge of phone calls from prospective customers seeking to quickly purchase hurricane coverage, before the storm reaches the shore.

Unfortunately, Mexico home insurers either mandate waiting periods for hydro-meteorological coverage, or they temporarily close their programs, until the storms have passed and all but died out.

Damaged Home HurricaneThis month, with hurricane Earl, we once again saw an increase in the demand for hydro-meteorological coverage. This is, of course, a prime time for your agency to reach out to your insurance customers to make sure they get their coverage for hurricane losses in place–well before the next major storm starts heading towards their home or condo in Mexico.

If your agency isn’t already selling Mexico home owners insurance, you are missing out on a great opportunity. We have created a program that makes it easy to prepare a quote, complete the insurance application, and issue a policy.

Since our program is online and automated, you can email a quote to a prospective customer, and they can purchase the policy securely, when it is most convenient.

We also provide links to the home and condo insurance quote form, that you can post on your webpages, share on social media websites, incorporate in email newsletters, and include in blog articles, so it is easy to grow your book.

If you have questions about our program, or if you are ready to get Mexico home owners insurance enabled for your account, you may contact Mexico Insurance Online or call 844-273-5527 to speak with one of our agency producers.

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Mexico-Border-CrossingMexico Insurance Online (MIO) has released the 2015 Mexico Auto Insurance statistics, based on the Association of Mexico Insurance Institutions (AMIS) Tourist Auto Insurer results. Insurance Premiums increased by almost $11 million, compared with 2014, and the total growth in the industry was almost 22% compared with 2014. Claims loss ratios decreased by 16%, especially with the insurers MIO represents, meaning increased profitability for these insurers. The AMIS results also show which insurance companies have been given an “A” rating from A.M. Best, a measure of financial stability in the market. MIO’s insurers all carry an “A-” or better rating from A.M. Best. The Mexico insurance market is markedly growing and MIO offers the best Mexico insurance for those who travel from the US or Canada to Mexico.

Read more about the AMIS Tourist Auto Insurer Rankings.

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Welcome to the NEW Mexico Insurance Online (MIO) Website!

We’ve had this project on our list for several years and have finally been able to create a site that should be much easier for you to use. We’ve created a home page that easily allows you to find what you are looking for…Already and agent, the producer login is front and center (well actually it’s to the left)…the first option on the page. Want to sign up to become an agent–
“that is our front and center”–click on the button and you are read to sign in (with your tax identification number handy). Want to find information on MIO, our products, our programs, find a form…it’s all available on dropdown menus on the right.

Look through the new site to make sure it has all the information you need. Please contact us if there’s something you’d like to see that is not on the site.

We thank you for your business and hope you enjoy the new website!